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About Nick

Nick works with high performers who:
  • See challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Show an unwavering and aggressive desire to improve
  • Possess a “can do” attitude
  • Have direct, specific challenges
  • Have created a golf game wishlist
  • Are hungry to understand the subject of golf
  • Look to develop respectful relationships based on shared values
  • Are located in the USA or Europe

Nick Bradley does not deliver one-hour “ships passing in the night” instruction. After the needs of the client are discussed, “Time/ Energy” blocks are assigned relative to the task ahead. Nick sees what you can’t, which enables you to move safely and steadily into your dreams and tangible results.

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Acclaimed tour coach and golf instructor Nick Bradley has distilled his best tips and insights into straight forward easy to understand books. In both The 7 Laws of Golf Swing and Kinetic Golf Nick shares different ways to look at, and understand your game. Get your copies now to keep your technique sharp, even when you aren’t on the course!

Golf Digest has signed the serialization rights to Kinetic Golf, calling Nick: A rare find with the deepest knowledge and extraordinary ability to communicate it.

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