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The 7 Laws of The Golf Swing

Visualizing the Perfect Swing to Maximize Your Game

Using groundbreaking imagery, Nick Bradley’s The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing gives readers an incredibly practical blueprint for golf success by giving you the ability to build and maintain your own winning technique. Leading tour coach Nick Bradley shows you how to build a powerful and consistent golf swing with his revolutionary approach, which distills the swing into seven laws to help golfers develop a greater awareness of the correct swing motion.


Praise for The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing

“I first came across this book in my local library, and I absolutely loved it. After spending time with it a few years back I found myself hitting the ball with so much power and accuracy it was almost scary. I’m not kidding; I found myself hitting the ball so hard and so far that I needed to get my clubs re-shafted to handle my new swing.”
— Paul Adams

“Very helpful and different ways to look at the golf swing. Has been a game changer for me!”
— Robert B.

“Wanna get better? Forget Stack and Tilt. Get this book!”
— Stephen O’Neil

“5-star rating! The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing by Nick Bradley was an impressive read. This book masterfully combines practical and powerful visualization methods for innovative improvement in one’s swing in ways I have not seen before. It was the perfect fit for me and how I learn. I recommend it to any lover of this game regardless of skill level.”
— Tracy Wheelock

“The images alone are worth the price of this book. Add the instructive text, and you have one of the best books on the modern swing.”
— Mark Sewall

Kinetic Golf

Picture the Game Like Never Before

In Kinetic Golf, Nick Bradley uses 115 extraordinary photographs, accompanied by clear, direct text, to raise the bar on golf instruction and give golfers—amateur or professional—a unique way of actually feeling their way to mastering the game. Offering insights that words alone cannot convey, the book provides a vastly improved golf game as the reward. Drawing upon his deep knowledge of trade and Tour secrets, Bradley shows how to build a powerful and consistent game while also debunking many of the myths that cloud the confidence and hinder the performance of the novice and developing golfer. Throughout Kinetic Golf, Bradley boils down the very essence of swing motion and technique, blends it with a feeling, and then creates an image that says it all. Take one look, and you’ll get the picture.


Praise for Kinetic Golf

“Nick has captured the golf swing in a way that makes it easy to understand and emulate. The body positions reflected by his remarkable illustrated photos, help the aspiring golfer feel what is so hard for most teachers to explain to their students by just talking to them. Visualization works wonders. After practicing a few key moves I learned from Nick, I went from shooting in the low 100’s to breaking 90. I see constant improvement using his instruction. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has trouble getting their body to perform athletic moves that are not natural to other sports.”
— Kevin Hoppe

“Nick has taken golf instruction to the next level. After finishing Nick’s “The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing”, I couldn’t wait to read/study his book Kinetic Golf. It is truly one of best golf instruction books I have read. His illustrations will lock into mind so deep that you will find yourself recalling his tips during every round and practice session. I highly recommend this one to any golfer serious about improving their game.”
— Bryan B.

“I found this book to be a fresh break from the usual “technical” books. Nick’s approach is very honest and immediately usable. It has been amazing to apply several of these suggested photos to my game — with immediate success. I look forward to continuing to “visualize” a better, simpler, more accurate and less cluttered game.”
— Matthew Akers

The One Thing That Changed Everything

From creators of best-selling books including Life-Defining Moments from Bold Thought Leaders, Mom & Dadpreneurs, The Little Black Book of Fitness, and Passionistas, these are not just feel-good stories. You will read about overcoming financial ruin, battling health challenges, both mental and physical, and surviving tragedies and abuse. You’ll read about persistence, courage, redemption, and unconventional approaches to challenges.

See which stories change your life or the life of a friend. You will see hope. You will connect with these authors who felt fear and took a leap of faith anyway. Your life and success need the best of you. 2x Grammy Winner Seth Mosley (Foreword) encourages you to be present as you turn the pages and imagine what’s possible!


Praise for The One Thing That Changed Everything

“This book by Kyle Wilson and his fellow contributors can be a major turning point in your life, opening your mind and heart to the world of unlimited possibilities that resides within you.”
— Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

“Kyle Wilson’s new book provides rare insight and first-person accounts from leaders who have achieved world-class in a wide range of business, sports, and personal arenas. The One Thing That Changed Everything is this year’s most valuable, must read book for purpose-filled living and world class performance!”
— Tim Cole, 31-Year Marine Corps Colonel

“Most of our lives, businesses, and careers can be defined by one thing. The One Thing That Changed Everything is a source of golden nuggets from the most extraordinary people from all walks of life. This book will help you find your life-defining moment, your best version of yourself, and your utmost state of being!”
— Olenka Cullinan, Speaker & Author, Rising Tycoons & #iStartFirst Founder

“Moments of impact happen for all of us. In this book you get a rare front row seat to experience those moments with dynamic world changers. Celebrate with them then take their stories with you in your own life and work.”
— Kathi C. Laughman, Life and Business Intelligence Expert, Author of Adjusted Sails: What Does This Make Possible?

“These amazing humans share the hard things, the secret things, and the embarrassing things that everyone will relate to. Then you see how they found the greatness in it. Kyle Wilson is masterful at spotting talent in people and collaborating the greatest minds and doers to bring about a book that everyone can benefit from.”
—Kelli Calabrese, Bestselling Author, Mom & Dadpreneurs