‘Life is easy and meaningless’

Ian Fleming ~ Thunderball.

My fear for this generation.

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For golfer who used to fire his right leg in harder than anyone, you see his core outracing a jammed /crippled right leg which looks glued to the ground.

He never, gives up.

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New York Times once again shows the depth of its understanding and knowledge of Britain by illustrating a story about MI5 with a picture of MI6. @nytimes https://t.co/noR4cFSNNj

After a legal battle, the BBC was allowed on Thursday to air an investigation containing evidence that suggested that an agent for MI5, Britain’s domestic security intelligence agency, had a history of right-wing extremism and was abusive toward women. https://nyti.ms/387r4uq

Good play by Zalatoris but that style of putting should be BANNED.

The End.

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Massive thanks to all who have donated to this.

Really appreciate it and a great cause too @ProstateUK


Rory off to an amazing start.

Like Floyd, can be one of the greatest front runners in golf.

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With lots of shot options all over the course it will be brilliant to observe play & strategies this week. Combined with the variable wind directions forecasted my call is that it won’t be a low scoring week & a mid single digit winning score, if that …. @SkySportsGolf

In 2007 I coached at the #PGAChampionship in Southern Hills.

It was so hot….the warm up was 15 minutes.

But that was in August 🥵

It should be a good week !

It would be ridiculously easy to cite more competition, but these numbers are too diverse.

There is a fundamental flaw at work.