THINK BETTER PLAY GREAT – New Book Introduction

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Introduction from Nick Bradley


I like disrupting mediocrity.

At the time of writing, we have never been clearer regarding the physical realm of golf. We have Doplar Radars, 4D Body suits, an encyclopedic knowledge of biomechanics and every shaft / head combination your swing profile could ever need. Obtain the correct diagnosis and the answer will be given.

There is nothing left in front of the curtain.

I have witnessed incredible careers purged from talent challenged professionals. Equally, I have seen God given ability sliced into pieces of confusion and failure through an inability to self-manage, self-strategize and most importantly, to cultivate personal philosophies and values that align to performance.

Not so long ago, the word mystique was reserved for the timing of your golf swing. The real mystique in the 21st Century will be why, when everything is at your disposal, can you still falter and become desperately frustrated?

I have had significant success with players of all abilities. No question, technical challenges were put to bed or suppressed with most students (some faults are simply endemic), but the quantum jumps have always been made when destructive mental habits and routines have been replaced by effective and economic plans of action.

Think Better Play Great distills the complex questions and situations golf presents to us. I chose to write the book in an epistolary format, so it didn’t seem that I was writing at you; more for you.

To End:

The precursor to a disastrous swing change. The precursor to an effective equipment switch. The precursor to an effective work out pattern. The precursor to a Major. The precursor to repeatedly winning has been and always will be value-based thought.

Think Better Play Great talks to you.


I like disrupting mediocrity.

My best,

Nick Bradley

Pinehurst North Carolina – Nick@BradleyPerformanceGroup.com

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